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Home, Even Sweeter Home

COVID-19 has made this “The Year of the Homebodies.” Like it or not, we were all thrust into spending the majority of our time at home. What was once our sanctuary suddenly also became our office, our school, our gym, our everything. As shutdowns, restrictions and mandates required us to stay put, homeowners sought ways to enhance parts of their homes to make them as relaxing, comforting and enjoyable as possible. For many, that meant updating and/or creating a luxurious outdoor living space, complete with amazing background music.                              

According to Troy Hanson, owner of Hanson Audio Video, interest in outdoor sound systems has ballooned this past year.

“You wouldn’t believe all the outdoor music systems we are putting in!” says Hanson, noting that the company offers various levels based on how big clients want it to be.

The system is hidden, for the most part, inside garden area landscaping. Rather than having one or two big speakers, they scatter a number of speakers throughout the area. But the best part is that homeowners get to test-drive the systems in their homes prior to committing to a purchase, much like you do when test-driving a car.

“We actually bring out an outdoor speaker system, set it up in the landscaping, pool or garden area or wherever people want, and we demonstrate how it all works,” says Hanson. “Based on the layout of somebody’s home, we can set up an outdoor music option that will meet that environment.”

This “test run” takes all the mystery out of whether a system will work in your home. When you listen to it in your own environment, you know exactly how it will sound. You’re not taking any chances because you know exactly what you’re getting. After listening to the demo, eight out of ten people will buy the system.

“People love that service. In fact, we’ve done three of them this week, and it’s only Tuesday!” says Hanson.

Though they have always provided this at-home demo service, they did not promote it much until COVID-19 hit.

“It’s something that works. With COVID, people did not want to come in, so we said we’ll bring it out to you,” says Hanson. “It seems to be what a lot of people prefer.”

Hanson Audio Video provides families with premium products and solutions for outdoor entertainment, including home theater and hi-fi audio systems, bringing smart technology into their homes.

“We provide all the infrastructure behind those things,” says Hanson. For instance, they have giant outdoor blinds for patios and decks that can be drawn to keep out sun rays, pesky mosquitoes and curious eyes. The outdoor blinds are designed for weather-proofing; a variety of colors and opaqueness offer privacy.

The pandemic has challenged the industry simply because it’s difficult to get materials, which makes the whole supply chain slow down. Though it takes a bit longer to do things now than it did a year ago due to high demand, the entire industry has seen an uptick in business because so many people are enhancing their homes.

“It makes sense. People aren’t spending money on concerts, pro sporting events, movies, and vacations so there’s more disposable income for doing things at home,” says Hanson. “We are happy to create that outdoor sanctuary for homeowners.” 

Hanson Audio Video is located at 10800 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, visit www.hansonav.com or call 513.563.0444.

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