Tyler Watkins



How involved is your firm in the construction phase once you get to that point in your process?

A. As involved as anyone will pay us to be. We’ll never hand off a set of drawings and say “good luck.” We will include a fee for us to be on the construction site every other week, for any project. We like to be there every week, where that makes sense based on the scale of the project. We want to get enough done that we’re not having meetings just to have meetings, but instead we’re having substantive owner/architect/contractor meetings where problems are solved. We cut our teeth pretty early in the sticks and bricks of our industry. We like to get our hands dirty as best we can.

Q. What is your firm’s approach to sustainability in commercial building design?

A. A good design is generally a sustainable design. Within the character with every project we deliver, we start with the basis of understanding how we are going to passively make a design function with as much sustainability as possible without asking the client to invest in an active sustainable system. If it’s done right and done well, sustainability saves money both on the front and the back end, so there’s always a future for that.

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