Make Her Mark Design: Duo Brings Dream Home Visions to Fruition

Make Her Mark Design: Duo Brings Dream Home Visions to Fruition
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Todd and Traci Gruenwald, a dynamic duo from Montgomery with backgrounds in finance, accounting and real estate investment, are using their expertise in home design and remodeling to help clients create their dream homes or prepare their properties for the market.

“It’s definitely a unique market right now,” says Todd. “With inventory being low, if people can’t get what they want, they can engage us — even during the buying process — to help them visualize what the house can become.”

Furthermore, if a homeowner is considering several houses, they can share their vision with the Gruenwalds, who can then advise on the best choice from a construction and cost perspective. They can also assist those planning to move in the next few years.

“If you’ve not touched your house in a long time and would like to maximize the value when you sell it — especially if you’re in a desirable neighborhood like Montgomery, Madeira, Mason or Hyde Park — renovating is wise. You’ll inevitably reap the benefits financially,” Todd continues.

By refreshing the space, the house becomes more marketable, which is crucial because the market will eventually shift to favor buyers, he notes. With the help of Make Her Mark Design, homeowners will position their houses to stand out from the competition.

Todd, who is also a realtor with EXP Realty, describes the real estate market over the last few years as “a wild ride.” Sure, the housing market always fluctuates based on inventory, supply chain, interest rates, etc. Not long ago, however, some home buyers were choosing not to purchase a property based solely on paint color. “It was mind-blowing!” he says.

No matter the housing market situation, your dream home is still achievable with Make Her Mark Design.

“If you buy a house that has enough good bones and structure, we can help make it into whatever you want,” says Todd. It may involve redoing a kitchen or bath or it may mean gutting the entire house.

One example is a Centerville couple who remodeled their house from the basement to the second floor. “It was a million-dollar home built in the 90s, so it had that 90s flair throughout the entire place,” Todd recalls. “We effectively came through and redesigned everything,” including converting the master bath into a walk-in closet.

Some homeowners may decide to stay after significant renovations, much like the HGTV show, “Love It or List It”. After investing time, energy and money into a renovation, it’s understandable if a homeowner chooses to enjoy the results of Make Her Mark’s work.

“We don’t impose our designs on you and spend your money,” says Todd. “We listen to what you want and how you’re going to live, and tailor your design experience around that.”

Are you considering revamping your home? Visit to learn more about how Traci and Todd Gruenwald can help.

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