Make Her Mark Design: Little Cost, Big Impact

How to Refresh Your Home without Demolishing It
Make Her Mark Design: Little Cost, Big Impact
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If you’re seeking a cost-effective and time-efficient way to update your home, focus on enhancing your kitchen and bathroom. According to Todd Gruenwald of Make Her Mark Design, these spaces are frequently targeted for renovations, yet they are also the simplest to improve.

“People tend to forget that a refresh is an option when rethinking how they can best utilize the spaces their houses provide,” says Todd. “Sometimes it’s as simple as changing countertops and the backsplash. It’s also relatively simple to update appliances and add new fixtures.”

Todd and his wife, Traci, founded Make Her Mark Design in 2017.

He suggests that homeowners may not know that upgrading their living spaces can be done quickly without undergoing a major remodeling project. Todd further explains that the current housing market’s low inventory has made individuals hesitant to purchase homes that are not in perfect condition.

“Don’t worry that it’s not your ‘dream home’ yet — we can help you get there,” he emphasizes.

Just ask Rhonda and Darrin Simmons.

The couple was unhappy with their kitchen’s underwhelming appearance, given the size of their home. They wanted to add a “WOW” factor without breaking the bank. Make Her Mark Design proposed that Rhonda and Darrin keep their current cabinets but incorporate upper cabinets, glass doors, and lighting. The home designers also created a minibar/bourbon area, which added a unique touch that complemented the rest of the kitchen.

Additionally, Make Her Mark Design collaborated with the Simmonses to revamp the bathrooms, focusing on updating the finishes and fixtures.

Rhonda notes that both Todd and Traci possess exceptional design and interpersonal skills. “The first time we met, I knew they weren’t just trying to come in and do textbook updates to our home,” she says. “They were committed to reinvigorating our home for our comfort and enjoyment. They did this by listening to our ideas, viewing our current space, and considering how we live our daily lives, our interests, and what makes us feel cozy and comfortable.”

Rhonda and Darrin have a new appreciation for every room Make Her Mark Design revitalized so beautifully and cost-effectively. “And,” says Rhonda, “we didn’t have to demolish our house to do it!”

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