Pella's Remodeling Experts: H. Glasgow Construction

Pella's Remodeling Experts: H. Glasgow Construction

Q. Tell us about your business.

Andrew Glasgow: H. Glasgow Construction started in 1981. Prior to that, it was Glasgow Enterprises. In 1981, my father moved from working in the field to ownership of the business. My father and my grandfather renamed the business H. Glasgow Construction since they’re both named Herbert Glasgow. Since the late 60s, we’ve been housed out of Madeira. We do bathroom remodels to full additions or one-off door replacements. It doesn’t have to be a large project.

Ellen Glasgow: It’s based on each client’s preference. We try to not only coordinate design, but sometimes there’s a need for honing in on the decisions and samples or helping organize selections.

We’re a team of individuals who specialize in different things. Not everyone can be a specialist in everything. When people ask why we don’t have a showroom, I tell them it’s because I let the tile supplier be the tile expert, my Pella people showcase the Pella experience, and so on. My job is to make sure that all the specialists are in the room for that client.

Part of the arrangement for us is that partnership all the way through. Instead of a showroom experience, we travel with clients and work with all our trade partners to make the selections that fit their particular project.

Q. What trends are you seeing?

Ellen: We have started to see, over the past couple of years, an increase in knowledgeable clients. They’re already researching what they want both from their contractor and the products. So, our discussion becomes a little bit more fun because you have educated consumers making educated decisions on their products.

Andrew: You’re going in and planning the entire home. Those areas may be phase four or five, or it all may be done at one time. We do a lot of whole home renovations.

Ellen: I have text relationships with almost all my clients, regardless of their age. I have a woman in her 80s who texts me from her iPad because it’s easier than trying to send an e-mail.

Sometimes an idea will come across at 9:00 at night, so it’s good to have that relationship. Everyone is living these crazy lives, and sometimes it’s getting it noted when you think about it! Years ago, clients waited until the office opened and then called to update us over the phone. The world has changed, so we have to adapt and roll with it while maintaining the same integrity and quality that H. Glasgow Construction has been known for for so long.

Q. What sets you apart?

Ellen: I think it’s our dynamic. When people meet us, they see how genuine we are and find that this is in our blood, and we cannot turn it off. If we go to a party, I will meander through the room and make sure that I’m networking with everybody and listening to everyone’s story. Andrew will be meticulously moving through the room, and if you ask him what he is watching, he is calculating how many people are standing on one floor joist.

I asked Andrew the other night, “What’s your favorite part of your job?” His answer was working with the clients, and I feel the same way. As soon as we start working with you, we want to know about you, your individual needs and what’s most important to you in making your house feel like home.

For example, I had a conversation with a client the other day about their bathroom. We’re renovating it, taking out the bathtub and putting in a shower. When it came time to discuss whether to add a bench or not, they wanted to know if a benched shower would benefit the resale value. I told them that this shower is not for your house to go on sale. The shower is for YOU to enjoy, so let’s make the decision based on that.

H. Glasgow Construction is located at 7138 Miami Ave. Madeira, Ohio 45243. Find them at or call 513-272-3500 for more information.

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