Pella's Remodeling Experts: Maile, Tekulve & Gray

Pella's Remodeling Experts: Maile, Tekulve & Gray

Q. How long have you been in the remodeling business?

Maile, Tekulve & Gray is now a fourth-generation design/build firm. My grandfather started the company in 1960, and I bought it in 1992. From there, I began reorganizing and refocusing the process. We are thankful to be celebrating 63 years in business, but we respect the fact that we have to re-earn our reputation every year.

Q. What trends do you see for 2023?

From a project standpoint, I’ve been really impressed with the outdoor living spaces that have become more and more popular. These projects are amazing. We’ve been doing a lot of fireplaces and bar areas with radiant heaters and retractable screening. Our clients are getting year-round use out of these.

Q. What do you do differently?

One of the things that was immediately frustrating for me was the breakdown in accountability for the client. I feel like true design/build is not just the fact that we have design and we build. For me, true design/build is empowering that client to design and build what’s valuable to them and satisfies their needs and wants. To accomplish this, our team starts with the big “needs and wants,” and then we walk through solutions. Every decision, starting with the big ones down to the hardware on a cabinet, should be vetted in a very informed manner on three levels: 1) architecturally: how it looks; 2) functionally: how it makes my life better; and 3) financially: what it costs. If a client gets to evaluate every decision on those three levels, they’re never surprised, and they will make great decisions. I think we genuinely invest in the clients. There’s literally not one decision that’s going to be made without the client knowing all the options for that decision.

Q. What’s the remodeling process like?

It is not really a “sales” process as much as it is a mutual vetting process. I ask the client to explain their initial motivation for calling, and then I clarify for them who we are, what we do, and I set general expectations for time frame and budget range. Together, we will decide if it feels like a good partnership. Then we’ll set an appointment in the home and dig in deeper. The next step is a formal agreement that basically says we’re going to work together, and the design process begins. Once the client arrives at their perfect scope and budget, we confirm delivery dates for all of the critical path materials and set the start date. Then we build it.

Maile, Tekulve & Gray is located at 519 Enterprise Dr., Suite 102, Crescent Springs, KY 41017. Contact or call 859-578-8844 for more info.

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