Voltage: A Condo Renovation Goes Modern

Voltage: A Condo Renovation Goes Modern

When a client wants the perfect lighting, furniture and accessories for a condo renovation, where do you go? Tess Hilgefort, principal architect at Square Inch Design, turned to Voltage Furniture for a match made in modern, high-design heaven. 

She contacted Shannon Riley, an interior designer with Voltage Furniture, to help design a new project — a 3,000 square foot condo renovation in the East End. The three-bedroom condo had 2 1/2 baths and was built in 2004. It underwent a complete gut job starting in 2018.

Hilgefort says the clients, who had previously lived in California, chose the condo because they wanted to create a space that had a more modern feel to it rather than where they were previously living. They also wanted river and city views. “They wanted to tailor the space to have a more modern, light, and seamlessly open vibe,” Hilgefort said. 

Hilgefort says she chose Riley at Voltage Furniture because they’d done a few projects together, and she knew the client would love the Voltage Furniture showroom. “The showroom is great, it’s convenient, and [Voltage designers] do a great job of honing in on what we’re doing, understanding the client and executing what the client wants while merging it all together,” she said. 

Initially, Riley helped with the decorative lighting needs for the minimal, California-inspired space. “We really dove into some beautiful lighting pieces,” Hilgefort said. “And, because the clients were so impressed with what she came up with, they felt comfortable allowing Shannon to take the lead on the furniture as well. Based on my space planning and design on the interiors, Shannon was able to guide them in a way that helped with the aesthetic.” 

Riley and Hilgefort were able to work in phases to get everything just the way the clients wanted. “They wouldn’t put a piece in unless they loved it,” Riley said. “It worked well because we did the furnishing, starting with the dining and living rooms. Once those rooms were at [the clients’] comfort level, we moved on to the adjoining lounge space, which became the second phase.” 

 Ultimately, the remodel was successful because of the perfect partnership between architect and designer. “There was such a collaborative effort that worked out beautifully, and the clients are very happy,” Riley said. “The marriage of the clients [and design team] and how we worked together was the best scenario. It turned out great.”

Voltage Furniture is located at 3209 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45209. For more information, visit VoltageFurniture.com or call 513-871-5483.

Tess Hilgefort is the principal architect at Square Inch Design. For more information, visit SquareInchDesign.net.

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