Voltage: Designing Luxurious Living Spaces

Voltage: Designing Luxurious Living Spaces

What makes for a perfectly designed living space? 

The space should be inspiring, uniquely tailored for the person who will call it home. The furniture and architecture should complement each other, and the mood for the space should reflect one’s personality. 

At Voltage, their designers have been creating those luxury living spaces for over 30 years. 

Voltage specializes in furniture, lighting, outdoor and closet design for residential and commercial projects. There’s no job too big or small for the Voltage design team, whether you need to design a newly constructed home or if you simply want the perfect light for your entryway. Jeff Hinkel, Shannon Riley and Susan Lewandowski have the passion and expertise to take your space to the next level. Together, they have more than 75 years of experience! 

Hinkel started Voltage in 1989 with his wife, Julie, after working as an architect. His work in architecture promises a unique design experience that brings form and function to life. Riley has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Harrington Institute Chicago. She has worked at Voltage for about 20 years. Her goal is to create spaces the client can live in and enjoy for years. Lewandowski has a degree in interior architecture from Ohio University and has worked at Voltage since 2011. She takes pride in delivering personal service, style and modern functionality to clients’ homes. 

But what sets Voltage apart is its focus on artisan-level craftsmanship. “The manufacturers we represent primarily started as small, family-owned companies in the Brianza region of northern Italy,” says Lewandowski. 

These products are not only high quality but one-of-a-kind. You can’t make furniture like this on an assembly line. “Some of the same techniques used in the 1900s are still being used today,” Lewandowski says. 

Voltage clients love the combination of elegant and comfortable designs in their homes. While trends come and go, the designers at Voltage aim for a contemporary, classic aesthetic. Each space they design is unique, created to match the mood and feel that the client wants. “We always keep color and texture in mind when designing,” Lewandowski says. “Colors and emotions are so closely related.” 

When you work with Voltage, you’ll have a partner throughout the design process. The team helps with brainstorming, planning, furniture and upholstery selections, and even delivery and installation. Voltage will be there from start to finish. 

Their showroom is easy to find, thanks partly to the bright, colorful Annie Oakley mural on the side of their building. The mural was a collaboration with ArtWorks in 2016 and serves as an iconic landmark in the Oakley area. 

With over 15,000 square feet, the showroom helps customers genuinely see the Voltage difference. “It’s one thing to see our projects in print and online, but it’s totally different to sit, feel and experience it in person,” Lewandowski says. 

Ready to see what Voltage can do for you? Visit their showroom at 3209 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45209, or find more inspiration on the web at voltagefurniture.com. 

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