Developing the Whole Student at St. Xavier High School

Developing the Whole Student at St. Xavier High School

St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati is a college preparatory school with a focus on developing young men in a holistic way. The academic success of each student aligns with broader educational goals to develop men who are better family members, friends, and citizens of their communities. To accomplish this, the faculty and staff have a mission to care for each student to maximize the success of the individual as well as the community that is formed even before a student comes to campus in the fall. 

Mike Dehring, Vice President of Advancement at St. X refers to the Latin word, Magis, as he describes how the school involves itself in the cultivation of each individual. The term means “more or greater,” and in the context of a Jesuit education, it is a philosophy of doing more for Christ – and therefore more for others – to develop one’s gifts more fully. 

Several structures are in place to lay a solid foundation that assures parents that their son is cared for, that the student’s gifts are identified, and ultimately, to help the student maximize those gifts in and out of the educational arena. A house system has been developed in which teachers are assigned to the same, smaller group of students during their freshman year. The three faculty members come to know these students and foster open dialogue to help each of them grow. 

Bomber pilots, senior students who are selected in their junior year, are assigned to specific homerooms. They meet the incoming freshmen at orientation and are with them day-to-day in homeroom. Bomber Pilots also meet with each freshman in their house for quarterly check-ups, ensuring a successful start to the student’s career at St. Xavier. 

Career ConneXions exposes students to avenues of interest they may want to pursue during their time at St. Xavier and after graduation. Through a speaker series, they hear from professionals about specific pathways to success. JoJob shadowing and an extensive internship program add to the experience so a student can ask himself, “Is this something that interests me? The lessons learned through the programs offered by Career ConneXions prove to be invaluable to students when they make college selections. Finance, engineering, whatever the career path a student finds interesting, there are professionals willing and ready to help. 

At St. X, clubs and organizations play a role in the total package of rounding out the experiences for students. No matter if it is an organized or club sport, the theater department, ministry and service or leadership, the individual student forms bonds through co-curricular activities that last a lifetime. 

“Finding out what you really want to do and what you don’t want to do...that’s our focus,” says Mike Dehring.

Between academics, co-curriculars, and the development of young men for others, the school’s major achievement is witnessed in graduating students who have developed more fully in the spirit of Magis.

Parents can rest assured that when their son begins his high school career at St. X, he is cared for on many levels.

From academics to career exposure, students learn how to navigate college and beyond. The successful student will be ready to face the world with skills and thought processes to steer through anything life has to offer. 

Most important to a St. Xavier education is what’s referred to as the “Long Blue Line.” The high academic standards of a Jesuit education serve as a solid basis for the rest of a student’s life. As seen through the alumni, a St. X. education teaches them how to think critically, intellectually, spiritually, and socially to become, Mr. Dehring says, “A better father, husband, and friend.”

St. Xavier High School is located at 600 W North Bend Road, Cincinnati, OH 45224. For more information, please call 513.761.7600 or visit

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