Seton: New Therapy Puppy Brings Comfort to Students

Seton: New Therapy Puppy Brings Comfort to Students

Seton High School’s mission includes developing a diverse population of young women for a life of faith, service and leadership. To continue providing students with a well-rounded academic experience, Seton is focusing on health, wellness, and balancing educational and personal goals. They are now proud to welcome Nati, their new therapy dog. 

Nati is a nine-month-old female Australian Labradoodle. She recently passed her temperament testing with her breeder, making her a welcome candidate for working in a therapy and service capacity. Nati received three months of training both in and out of school. 

She will work primarily with Seton’s occupational therapist and the school social worker to help support girls struggling emotionally. “The goal of our therapy dog is to bring comfort to students in the counseling and supportive settings,” says Erin Rowland, Seton’s director of student support services. “The research shows that therapy dogs help improve student motivation and social skills, as well as provide confidence, cognitive clarity and problem-solving.”

Nati will begin working two half-days each week within Seton’s support services and will stay with her owner the rest of the day. Her days will increase as she gets older and becomes more familiar with her work. She will soon be saying hello to students in settings throughout the school, including classrooms and lunch bells. 

“Providing the opportunity for our students to focus on health, wellness, accountability, and balance in working toward their academic, social and emotional goals is a priority here at Seton,” said Seton President Kathy Allen Ciarla. “We are proud to be able to offer our students a robust educational experience that fosters growth and success in all of these areas.”

Seton High School is located at 3901 Glenway Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45205. For more information, visit  or call 513-471-2600

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