St. Xavier High School: Breaking Financial Barriers

One Private High School's Approach to Affordable Academic Excellence
St. Xavier High School: Breaking Financial Barriers
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St. Xavier High School is renowned as one of Ohio’s top private schools, and for good reason.

The school’s commitment to producing accomplished individuals who positively impact their communities is beyond impressive. With 50% of students scoring in the 90th percentile or higher on the entrance exam and over 90% participating in community service, it’s clear that a St. Xavier education fosters well-rounded individuals. This is evidenced by the numerous alumni who work in the nonprofit sector or volunteer their time. St. Xavier’s profound influence is far-reaching, extending beyond traditional career paths.

Still, parents who prioritize providing their sons with the best high school education may question whether they can afford such a prestigious school’s tuition.

Well, parents, Mike Dehring, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment, has exciting news for you!  He enthusiastically confirms that a St. Xavier education is now more affordable than ever.

“Not only does St. X maintain its own merit-based scholarship system, but state scholarships can also impact tuition assistance, reducing barriers to a St. X education,” he says.

According to the school’s President Tim Reilly, the school is working on making tuition more affordable while continuing to ensure the quality of its faculty and staff. This year, the school has allocated more than $6.9 million toward scholarships.

The Long (Generous) Blue Line

St. Xavier High School leaves a lasting impression on graduates and their communities by incorporating Jesuit educational philosophies and fostering students’ God-given talents. 

The school is also highly esteemed for its thoughtful alumni — affectionately known as “The Long Blue Line”— who are committed to ensuring that others have access to all the advantages its education provides.

“We offer up to a million dollars, available in renewable meritorious awards, per year,” Dehring continues. “That’s in addition to up to a million in tuition assistance based on prospective families’ financial means.” St. X’s alumni and the school’s annual fund drive contribute to the availability of those funds.

The school’s Xcellence Award, for example, is a four-year renewable scholarship presented to incoming freshmen based on testing scores, academic profile quality, leadership and service history, and educator recommendations. “These are not athletic scholarships,” Dehring emphasizes. “While leadership or activity in athletics can be a factor in determining these awards, athletic ability is not.”

In addition, the State of Ohio’s Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) is now available to all families seeking assistance. This funding is a crucial “first source” aid, helping bridge the financial gap between private school tuition and what a family can afford. EdChoice enables eligible students from designated public schools to enroll in participating private schools and offers scholarships to kindergarten through 12th-grade students based on their household income.

The EdChoice Expansion Program offers even more financial assistance. “Students whose family household income is at or below 450% Federal Poverty Level can receive a full EdChoice scholarship ($8,407) for grades 9-12,” Dehring explains. “Students whose family household income is at 451% FPL or higher will receive a scholarship based on a sliding scale.”

During the 2023-24 academic year, more than 58% of St. X students will benefit from tuition assistance, with an average grant of around $8,000.

“For many, the cost of a St. X education would be only a dream were it not for the generosity of alumni, parents and friends,” Dehring says. “With tuition assistance, Ed Choice, and Xcellence Scholarships, St. Xavier is now more affordable than ever.” 

Ready to explore the tuition assistance options available at St. Xavier High School? Head over to to learn more.

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