St. Xavier: Today's Young Men; Tomorrow's Benevolent Leaders

St. Xavier: Today's Young Men; Tomorrow's Benevolent Leaders

“Men for Others” is a time-honored motto at St. Xavier High School that students are inspired by and take to heart. Whether they’re collecting over 100,000 pounds of canned food for local food banks or creating a more environmentally sustainable campus, each student at St. X is encouraged to “Lend a Hand.”

“St. X strives to form young men into future leaders and men for others, and we are proud to say that long after our students graduate, a great number of our alumni continue to be involved in nonprofits,” says Mike Dehring, the assistant vice principal for enrollment.

While community service is integral to educating young men at St. X, students also have a vast array of other opportunities to explore their gifts and talents. Students can get involved in over 100 clubs and activities, including the Career ConneXions Program and the Entrepreneurship Institute that connect each student with real-world professions.

“We are a great academic school that also embraces every facet of student development — spiritual, moral, personal and physical,” says Dehring. With a campus of 1,400 students, the average ACT score is over 28 and the AP pass rate is over 90%, indicating that each St. X student is well equipped for graduation and life after high school.

Approximately 80% of students earn college scholarships and entrance into their first-choice university. “We want our graduates to be open to growth, intellectually competent, loving, religious and committed to doing justice,” Dehring notes.

Many traditions run deep at St. X, one of the oldest high schools in the Cincinnati area. Students, staff and administrators celebrate the last day of each school year with one of their favorite traditions, Music Fest, which showcases students’ musical talents. The Walk for St. X is another popular annual tradition that raises over $100,000 to assist students with the cost of tuition. Incoming freshmen can anticipate a roaring standing ovation and a warm welcome from the entire student body and school community at Mass of the Holy Spirit. And after each major school event, students link arms and sing their alma mater with pride. 

“Our students are highly motivated academically but also in the other aspects of the St. X culture. Students thrive and love their experience here,” Dehring says.

With over 21,000 living alumni, it’s easy to spot a former student who has flourished thanks to the culture and education St. X provides. Whether they’re a pro athlete, a district attorney, an author, a CEO, a politician or a doctor, you can be sure that they’re benefiting from the St. Xavier advantage. 

Interested in learning more about St. Xavier High School? For enrollment information, visit, email, or call 513.761.7600. St. X is located at 600 W. North Bend Road, Cincinnati, OH 45224.

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