Anthology: "Act Your Age" Takes on New Meaning

Anthology: "Act Your Age" Takes on New Meaning

“Act your age” is usually intended as a reprimand to people acting younger than their physical age. That’s not the case, however, at Anthology Senior Living facilities. The phrase has taken on a whole new meaning at all three of their Greater Cincinnati locations of Mason, Anderson Township and Blue Ash. 

Anthology Senior Living breaks the stigma that retirement homes are dull. Their staff believes connection plays a huge role in helping residents lead vibrant, meaningful lives. They offer unparalleled support through boutique-inspired senior housing. 

It only makes sense then that “act your age” takes on a positive twist, encouraging residents to tap into their youthful energy and continue pursuing their interests and passions. Anthology promises to support the residents in this pursuit. 

Debra Jaspers is the director of marketing at Anthology’s Mason location. She says residents acting their age is “the ability to age in place gracefully and continue their life story with us here at Anthology of Mason, with active programming, a fine dining experience, as well as spending time with friends and family.” 

Angela Cotteral, director of sales and marketing at Blue Ash, agrees. “Our residents here at Anthology of Blue Ash do not feel their age! They still enjoy playing handball, riding their bikes in the park, playing jokes on one another, and to them, nothing beats a good happy hour!” 

The Anderson Township facility offers plenty of fun, too. “Our daily Social Happy Hour is enjoyable for our residents,” says Patricia Greiwe, director of marketing at Anderson. “They enjoy chatting over a glass of wine, playing cards and forming great friendships. The Happy Hour could be held in the outdoor dining area, the bistro or our beautiful courtyard.” 

Ralph Weil is a 91-year-old current resident at Anthology of Blue Ash, and an Army veteran, father and former baseball umpire. At the age of 68, he began playing handball, winning the National Handball Championship the following year and once again soon after that. He is proof that age is just a number. “Don’t say it can’t be done because it can,” Weil says. 

“Act your age” isn’t a patronizing phrase but rather an empowering one. At Anthology Senior Living, residents are encouraged, sup- ported and empowered to live their lives to the fullest by enjoying activities and connecting with their favorite people. Both residents and staff agree that’s what makes Anthology so special.

Can Anthology be the home for you or a loved one? Visit for more information. 

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