Anthology Senior Living Blue Ash: Easing Senior Social Butterflies

Team is committed to fostering a supportive, encouraging and socially dynamic senior living community to help take the edge off of Golden Years growing pains.
Anthology of Blue Ash
Anthology of Blue AshPhotography by Kerri Hines

Imagine having a group of friends who share your interests, hobbies and passions. Friends who are always there to support you, laugh with you and have fun. Friends who make you feel alive and connected.

That’s what you can expect when you choose a senior living center with a built-in vibrant social community. And that’s precisely what Anthology of Blue Ash offers its residents.

Nick, Executive Director at Anthology of Blue Ash, compares the senior living community to a cruise ship that never leaves port.

“All the residents are very active and engaged with one another,” says D’Erminio. “It’s a fun group to be around.”

Residents at Anthology of Blue Ash participate in a variety of activities. One of the more popular ones is the Thursday morning walking group. With Summit Park directly across the street, it’s the perfect venue for such an activity. Over time, the walking club has become more of a breakfast club, with members strolling to a nearby diner to enjoy coffee or a morning meal. Although participation varies according to personal schedules, regular walkers and new members frequently participate.

Bob Wright and his spouse are dedicated members of the walking group.

“My wife didn’t want to go at first, but now it’s something we look forward to every week,” says Wright.

According to D’Erminio, the group adapts to the preferences of its members and serves as an excellent opportunity for socializing and staying active. Additionally, having a supportive group of individuals to try new experiences with is always beneficial.

He points out that some seniors tend to isolate themselves in their homes or apartments, where they watch television and shun social contact. As people age, they drive less, and their friends become ill or pass away. These factors lead to a significant reduction in their chances and choices to go out and socialize.

“As we learned through the lockdown process of COVID, it’s important that we keep socializing because isolation can damage a person’s happiness and well-being,” says D’Erminio. “Being engaged and around others is a cornerstone of good health.”

D’Erminio shares that his grandfather was physically active, yet he was not a extrovert. He was never lonely, though, not only because he was married but also because his wife always introduced him to people. When she passed away, however, his social circle evaporated.

“Let’s not kid ourselves,” says D’Erminio. “Meeting new people is hard at any age! If it weren’t for work environments or other social groups, most of us wouldn’t be that outgoing. Having some structure to give you that cushion is key so that it doesn’t feel like the first day of high school every time you have a new conversation.”

No More Excuses

Anthology of Blue Ash has a prime location, nestled near a picturesque park, various inviting restaurants and shops, and an upscale apartment complex. “If you grew up around this area, you’ve probably noticed — particularly in the past few years — how much it has changed,” says D’Erminio.

Summit Park, once the location of the old Blue Ash airport, is now a bustling hub of activity. Surrounding the park are a handful of new restaurants, all within a few minutes’ walking distance from Anthology of Blue Ash. “This takes away all the excuses people use when say they don’t have the time or energy to go out,” D’Erminio says.

With Summit Park so close, Anthology of Blue Ash residents enjoy a perfect blend of city energy and suburban tranquility. It’s the best of both worlds.

“Especially for older professionals who may be slowing down or stepping out of the workforce but don’t want to step away from the social atmosphere, Blue Ash is a great place to be,” says D’Erminio. “As you age, you should be able to have some excitement and fun and not feel like you’re fading away.”

A Time for Self-Rediscovery

As a society, we tend to define ourselves in two ways: who we care for and what we do for a living. Are you a parent? A grandparent? A guardian? How active are you in your family when it comes to childrearing? What’s your career?

“When your children and grandchildren grow up and no longer need constant care, as families move away and live farther from each other, and as you exit the workforce, it’s hard to redefine who you are,” says D’Erminio. “While on the one hand, it’s a shame that so many people wait until they are in their later years to discover the best versions of themselves, it’s also a blessing that so many people in their 70s and 80s are doing so. It’s an opportunity to keep growing.”

Personal growth at any age, while rewarding and life-enriching, is not a comfortable process. It means stepping out of the familiar and facing the unknown. It means challenging oneself to overcome fears and embrace new possibilities. It also means accepting some pain, anxiety and social butterflies along the way. Even during one’s Golden Years.

The Anthology of Blue Ash team is committed to fostering a supportive, encouraging and socially dynamic senior living community to help take the edge off those Golden Years growing pains.

Says D’Erminio, “We make it a more enjoyable experience.”

Are you searching for the best in senior living? Discover the exceptional amenities and services at Anthology of Blue Ash, 4351 Sycamore Creek Dr., Blue Ash, OH 45242. For more information, call 513-230-9200 or visit

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