Shirley Davies was a well-known philanthropist and retired Mariemont teacher at Twin Lakes senior living community in Montgomery. She became a resident after her husband, Arthur, passed away, and she was always active in the community’s events. 

“Whenever we had a social gathering, she was always involved in planning. If you wanted something done, you could call Shirley to do it,” recalls Pat Thomas, a friend and Twin Lakes resident. 

Davies loved the community and the socialization so much that she left a generous gift of $572,000 to Twin Lakes after she passed. She was also a supporter of many Cincinnati music and arts programs, such as the Cincinnati Museum of Art and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. The Twin Lakes Board of Trustees felt it appropriate to direct Daveis’ gift toward constructing the Shirley M. Davies Community Center to honor her passion for events and the community. 

“The Shirley M. Davies Community Center has become the epicenter of the Twin Lakes campus,” says Executive Director Lisa Zimmers. “Whether we’re hosting a tailgate party, themed party or a community meeting, our residents and associates have benefited from Mrs. Davies’ vision. 

“Her legacy is more than the space she contributed to,” Zimmers adds. “The collective spirit of the community is a direct result of Shirley’s foresight.” 

“Before we had The Shirley M. Davies Community Center, various musical events, choral groups, movies and gatherings were held in smaller spaces throughout Twin Lakes,” recalls resident Walt Griesinger. 

The community center has allowed Twin Lakes to expand its program offerings significantly by providing a larger space to host bigger events, including concerts, card games and tournaments, health fairs, community meetings and holiday celebrations. In August, for example, the space accommodated Baseball Barbecue 2022 for Twin Lakes residents and associates. Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame staff were on hand with their traveling artifacts exhibit, and one of the Reds’ mascots also made an appearance. 

“The community center benefits our current residents and provides future residents with a beautiful venue for their choice of event programming,” Griesinger says. 

Twin Lakes is proud to host various life-enhancing events in the space that bears the name of a beloved resident and local philanthropist committed to bettering others’ lives. “It’s been a great addition to our community,” Zimmers says. 

Twin Lakes focuses on residents doing what they enjoy and spending their days without worries or burdens. The senior living community offers independent and assisted living options, skilled care, memory support, and rehabilitation services. 

The Shirley M Davies Community Center at Twin Lakes is located at 9840 Montgomery Rd., Montgomery, Ohio 45242. For more information regarding Twin Lakes or Life Enriching Communities, please visit, or call 513-247-1300.