Christina Stoffer and Joshua Hurst Wedding

Christina and Joshua lived a little more than a mile away from one another as children growing up. However, their paths didn’t cross until years later when they ran into one another three nights in a row.

“I ruined the first time he tried to propose,” says Christina. Joshua had planned to propose while at his sister’s house surrounded by family, but Christina had to study for a final exam so she decided to stay home.

“We were planning to go to the Bengals vs. Steelers game the next day. So he had to come up with a whole new plan,” says Christina. “He got one of his friends who was also going to the game to ride with us. He has a younger son so his son pretended that he had never been downtown. So we walked around downtown – I’m super gullible. They were like ‘Let’s take pictures by the fountain,’ so we went and did that. We took pictures of them first. Then they were taking pictures of us and I was holding onto him like, ‘OK babe let’s pose for this picture,’ and he was shoving me off of him like, ‘Hold on, hold on.’ I was like, ‘What are you doing? We need to take this picture.’ And that is when he got down on one knee right in front of Fountain Square.”

By the time the couple was ready to start planning their nuptials, they had moved six hours from Cincinnati and so they had to do a lot of their planning over the phone. Nidhi Bedi of A Bride’s Mafia played a crucial role in helping Christina plan her dream wedding.

“Once I met Nidhi I just thought, ‘OK this girl gets me.’ She made everything work, she was very flexible, and super easy to work with. I went with a lot of her vendor suggestions.”

With Bedi’s help, the couple’s wedding was everything they had dreamed of.

“If it wasn’t for the help of all of our family and friends I don’t know what I would have done being six hours away,” says Christina. “I wasn’t as involved in the planning as most brides would be, but to see it all come together was amazing. It came together so beautifully.”