Cincinnati's Historic Wedding Destination

Cincinnati's Historic Wedding Destination

If you’re searching for a wedding venue, the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza’s popularity among brides has earned it a spot on the short list of the area’s top wedding planners.

And for good reason. The National Historic Landmark hotel offers 40,000 square feet of unique event space. It boasts three unique ballrooms, including the renowned Hall of Mirrors. It was recognized as a finalist for the 2016 Historic Hotel Award of Excellence as one of the best historic hotels across the nation and around the world.

The Hilton Netherland is situated in the center of Cincinnati’s bustling downtown district, where restaurants, entertainment and shops abound. Its five-star restaurant, Orchids at Palm Court, has been the No. 1 Hilton food and beverage hotel in the U.S. for seven years.

“With three unique and elegant ballrooms, the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza has the ability to meet anyone’s taste in style,” says Jason Tyson, the general manager. “Over the 85-year history of the hotel and thousands of weddings behind us, the culinary team has maintained the expected standard of service, but continued to create a fresh and new culinary experience for each generation.”

Kevin Ford of Ford-Ellington Floral & Wedding Design has earned a reputation for excellence. He considers the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza the perfect choice for clients who want professional service and also expect the best for themselves and their guests.

“Brides and grooms are always thrilled to see how wonderful each member of the staff is to work with, from the servers to the catering and banquet staff,” Ford says. “It makes the whole experience easier for them. The Netherland has an amazing team that each work hard to exceed their clients’ expectations. The have excellent food, immaculate spaces, recently renovated rooms and their historic building is stunning, impressing all attending the wedding. The French Deco Architecture is stunning, with details rarely seen in this country.

“Since the Netherland has many rooms to choose from, each can find a space that works for them. Each room has its own unique feel, and showing my clients the on wedding day with all the flowers and other decor elements is such a wonderful experience. Each wedding is memorable, allowing my clients to create their own personal design. The ballrooms at the Hilton Netherland room always frame the wedding beautifully. From romantic white and blushes to dramatic corals and purples, all color choices look beautiful there.”

Brigid Horne-Nester of i-do Weddings & Events considers the Hilton Netherland one of her go-to venues to recommend to engaged couples. Her clients appreciate the distinctive touches that truly set the Hilton Netherland apart. They love the large, open hospitality suites the hotel provides for getting ready before the wedding. The rooms are surrounded by windows that bathe the room in natural light, which is a must for on-site hair and makeup services. Perhaps one of the hotel’s most advantageous features is that it can host both the ceremony and reception.

“I always remind clients that the Hilton can serve as both the ceremony and reception venue, which is a tremendous bonus for out-of-town guests,” Horne-Nester says. “The convenience is so appreciated by everyone who attends. My clients don’t need to provide ceremony shuttles, and there are no worries about drinking and driving when guests can take the elevator straight to their rooms.

“Brides are often shocked to hear they can have both their ceremony and reception in the same room. The Hilton staff is especially talented at ‘room turns’ where guests enjoy cocktail hour in the foyer while the ceremony room is completely transformed into the reception room in less than an hour. One of my favorite things is to stand at the doors as guests re-enter the room for the reception and listen to the audible gasps of disbelief at how beautiful, but different the room looks.”

Horne-Nester says the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza sales team shines when it is time to finalize details. They hold a meeting with the client and planner and review every detail to ensure nothing is forgotten, even introducing the couple to the lead server or banquet captain, who will be in charge of their event. This extra detail gives everyone peace of mind and goes a long way in calming pre-wedding worries.

Excellence in customer service is just one of many factors contributing to the Hilton Netherland’s popularity for weddings. With its unique spaces and skilled event teams, it’s no surprise the hotel has earned a spot as one of the area’s best wedding venues. 

The Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza Hotel is located at 35 West Fifth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information, call 513.421.9100 or visit|

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