Jill Kolenski and Zac Stein Engagement

Jill Kolenski and Zac Stein Engagement

Jill Kolenski and Zac Stein took a visit to Ault Park to enjoy an unseasonably warm day in March.  After exploring the park for a half hour, Zac insisted on walking up to the Pavilion one last time before leaving.

When the two reached the top they noticed other people enjoying the view and decided to go elsewhere for privacy. Off the side of the Pavilion sat a row of benches with a statue at the end that Zac insisted they go check out.

Jill thought the statue looked like a banister but agreed to take a look anyway. When they reached the end, Jill paused to tie her shoe as Zac went behind the statue to “read the plaque” and told her to come join him.

When Jill finally gave in and went over to him, she knew what was about to happen by the way Zac was looking at her. At this point he was on one knee and said, “I know we’re not lovey dovey, but you’re just going to have to listen.”

From that point, Jill was too excited to listen, and after making sure he was serious, she finally said yes.

The couple first met at Christmas sweater party at the University of Toledo. Zac still jokes that his size small women’s green sweater with three snowmen is what won her over, even though they didn’t begin dating until almost two years later.

As for the ceremony, the couple plans to have something casual and fun where the guests can have a great time. The wedding will take place at St. Thomas Church in Fort Thomas with a reception to follow at the Madison Event Center in Covington where around 150 guests will celebrate the couple’s big day April 18, 2015.

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