Redmond and Miller Wedding

Redmond and Miller Wedding

On Friday, September 19th, Megan and Kyle Miller enjoyed their beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at Drees Pavilion in Covington, KY. The ceremony was held outside on a terrace overlooking the city while the reception took place inside. There were 160 guests in attendance with a 12 person wedding party. The wedding featured myriad colors. The main color scheme was gray and white interspersed with a melange of pale and bright pink, green and orange flowers.

Megan had always wanted to go to the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo, so in December 2012 she and Kyle attended the luminous event. After walking around, Kyle led her off into a secluded path rimmed and roofed by glittering lights to propose. It was the most perfect and romantic proposal Megan could have dreamt of.

When Megan thinks back to her big day, some of the memories bring tears to her eyes.  On the morning of the wedding as Megan was getting ready, one of her bridesmaids delivered a gift from Kyle despite the fact that they had agreed not to do a 'day of' gift. He had made her a scrapbook of their relationship from the beginning all the way up to their wedding day. The scrapbook had photos, movie ticket stubs, plane tickets from trips they'd taken together and other memorabilia from their relationship.  This was doubly sweet for Megan because Kyle is not normally the creative type.

Following the wedding, the two honeymooned at a resort called Secrets Maroma Beach in Riviera Maya Mexico. Megan and Kyle describe the vacation as "heaven on earth."

Megan and Kyle were shy at first to tell people that they met through an online dating site since it was not quite as popular then as it is today. After they were engaged however, it didn't matter to them anymore. They are just happy to be a success story!

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