Sweetness in Store


The wedding business is a $55 billion industry with 2.5 million nuptials taking place in the U.S. each year. 3 Sweet Girls Cakery has earned their piece of the proverbial pie – er – cake. 

3 Sweet Girls is a family affair, run by Lisa Ebbert and her daughters, Lauren and Kristen. They collaborate with couples to make each wedding experience unique and memorable. From wedding cakes to groom’s cakes to cupcake displays or favors, 3 Sweet Girls does it all, and does it well. “It’s important to understand a couple’s vision for their wedding so we can create the cake and desserts of their dreams,” says Lauren, herself a bride-to-be.  

Originality abounds in the 3 Sweet Girls kitchen, staffed by 15 employees with various creative backgrounds. “Much inspiration comes from a bride’s vision and our team uses their artistry to bring it to life,” says Lisa. “We start every day excited to find new opportunities to surpass our customers’ expectations for design and flavor; that’s what sets us apart. Loving what we do and doing it well, not to mention working alongside my daughters, is a dream come true.” 

That sounds like the icing on the cake. 


3 Sweet Girls Cakery is located at 7458 Montgomery Road, Suite B, Cincinnati, OH 45236 (513.948.1100) and 29 East 12th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 (513.421.0100). For more information, email 3sweetgirlscakery@gmail.com or visit www.3sweetgirlscakery.com.