Planning a wedding was known to be an exciting but stressful process even before 2020. But now, dealing with government orders, social distancing protocols and the responsibility of ensuring the safety of guests have taken the headaches and anxiety to a whole new level.

The Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel prioritized COVID-19 safety guidelines while still providing that romantic, unforgettable experience for loving couples.

“We continued to host weddings through the pandemic once gathering limitations were modified by the government,” explains Rebecca Wuppermann, general manager of the Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel. “Creativity and imagination enabled us to continue providing everlasting experiences for our wedding parties while still following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local safety guidelines.”

Continuing to say ‘yes’ to a couple’s special day while waiting on new orders to be released was not easy.

“It obviously was a big adjustment for everyone involved,” says Wuppermann. “We were trying to navigate through uncharted territory.

“We could see how extremely difficult it was for the couples getting married when they began realizing the implications of the pandemic. It was important that we could still accommodate them in this new reality and, to do so, we knew we had to be flexible and stay creative.”

In order to do what seemed extremely difficult, Wuppermann credits the competency of her team.

“Our expert wedding coordinators are here from the moment the couple calls the hotel with questions all the way to the day of their wedding,” explains Wuppermann. “New COVID-19 guidelines can be complicated and overwhelming for couples to plan their wedding around. Our team helps create an experience that is seamless and easy and can guide them through any situation.”

To minimize risk as much as possible, the Renaissance Hotel staff stays up to date with ongoing COVID-19 safety training and sanitizes all event and public spaces with an electrostatic sprayer. Staff wear appropriate PPE and hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the hotel. As for the individual hotel rooms, the Renaissance housekeeping staff follows Marriott International’s enhanced COVID-19 cleaning standards.

The peace of mind that the Renaissance brings to guests is surely a draw for a wedding party, but their timeless ballroom has always been in high demand.

“The Burnham Hall ballroom opened in 1901 and it was important to us to keep as many historic features as possible when renovating,” says Wuppermann. “When you see the original 40-foot dome ceiling, you realize that they simply do not make buildings like this anymore.

“While the amazing architecture remains the same, our partner Prestige AV and Creative Services is equipped to enhance and customize the ballroom to match the couple’s vision with state-of-the-art lighting and AV services. Plus, beyond the décor, our executive chef has more than 30 years of experience and is indispensably involved in customizing the menus. He truly exceeds all of our guests’ expectations. My entire hotel team continuously goes above and beyond in creating memorable experiences for all of our guests.”

For couples who hesitated to begin the planning process during the pandemic, Wuppermann invites them to give Renaissance a call and set up a tour.

“You can still have your dream wedding and be safe,” says Wuppermann. “Even while following CDC guidelines, we create weddings that are just as beautiful and memorable as weddings pre-pandemic.”

The Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel is located at 36 E. 4th St., Cincinnati OH 45202. For more information, call 513.333.0000 or visit