Your Dream Summer Wedding Plans Start Now

Your Dream Summer Wedding Plans Start Now

“Congratulations to all the couples who became engaged over the holidays!” says the always affable Kevin Ford, owner of Ford-Ellington Wedding & Event Design.

Though couples may still be basking in the post-engagement announcement glow, it’s never too early to start getting down to the basics of wedding planning, especially if you’re asking family and friends to save a Summer 2018 date, he notes.

“The earlier you start planning, the more details that can be incorporated in the wedding design to perfectly match your personal likes and dreams for that special day. Do your planning now so you can enjoy the time leading up to your wedding, rather than worry about what’s coming and what decisions have to be made.”

According to Ford, the best place to start is to make a list of all the details that are important to you, and all the things you want to accomplish and include in your wedding. From tablecloths and napkin fabric to china, furniture and flowers, Ford-Ellington is committed to creating a precisely personal and exceptionally exquisite wedding day ambiance just for you.

“Ford-Ellington can help with recommendations on venues and photographers and coordinate the whole wedding design,” he says. “It’s a very dynamic process. We listen to what you would like to do, and help you achieve it by brainstorming and fine-tuning your design ideas. We make sure you’re getting your dream wedding, not a wedding we dreamed for you.”

Ford-Ellington Wedding & Event Design is located at 16 North Fort Thomas Avenue, Fort Thomas, KY 41075. For more information, call 859.781.0700 or visit

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